About Me

Full Name: Veerendra Uday Nayak
Born: March 15, 1986 in Mumbai, India
Nationality: Indian
Nickname: Veeru

About Me (in brief)

I'm an Entrepreneur; I work in the B2B e-Commerce as an Internet Marketer. I love helping businesses of different sizes grow a lot faster by offering them the right solutions based on the right combination of marketing strategies and digital products in order to cut down their unwanted marketing expenses and boost their bottom lines. I always want to put my best foot forward every single day, since my goal is to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world!

My Educational Background

I hold the B.Sc. in Information Technology Degree from Mumbai University. I studied at R. D. National College, Mumbai. Later I completed my PG in Cyber Crime and Corporate Liability from Asian School of Cyber Laws.

Before entering the field of Information Technology my major interests were Physics, Mathematics and Languages. Computers and the Internet were my main attractions since my childhood; hence, now I'm pursuing my career in the field of Internet Business and related areas looking at my strengths and skills!

Besides all these fields, I focus on learning more about Business Management and Psychology as well as areas like Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Consumer Behavior Analysis, etc. on a daily basis.

My Profile

I'm an expert in the latest and the most effective Internet Business and Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation, Customer Conversion and Customer Relationship Management using the Modern Day Technology for Business Growth. I offer some of the most effective solutions to implement the strategies that are required for growing an online business.

Here's a List of Some of the Most Effective Modern Day Business and Marketing Strategies I'm an expert in:
And a lot more...